As of 12/15/2023 Release date is TBD (To Be Determined)

Due to issues that i must attend to i sadly have to put off release of this software once again. I have an idea when that might be however i would rather just say TBD (To Be Determined) so i dont have to keep changing dates. The next time i post a date, that WILL be the date.

Remember that all old Oxwallers (you and i both know who you are) will receive a free copy of this software.

We are in need of software testers and translation volunteers. Every volunteer will receive a free copy of the software once it is released. If interested please visit our contact page and submit your information. We will be in touch when testing or translation begins. Please be sure to include your translation language if volunteering to translate.

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Welcome To SocBoxCore

Have you dreamed of starting your own social website but did not know where to start? Or maybe you tried a few options on the market and did not like all the fees and overhead to get your dream rolling.

How about an easy approach to your dream that is user friendly and gives you lots of features you would normally have to pay extra for. With SocBoxCore you get everything you need to get started? You simply hit the ground running with everything you need to get your dream underway when it comes to social or community software.

SocBoxCore is a secure and lightweight environment. You can rest easy knowing that what you are using is well written and security conscious.

Welcome to SocBoxCore (Social Box Core) and a fresh approach!

Please read our about page for more information.