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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will this software be free of charge?

Answer: Those that help me test the software and/or translate it to another language will get a copy for free and free support for 1 year.

Question: Will this software support Oxwall Plugins?

Answer: The short answer is no. Unfortunately after attempting several methods and testing those methods it was not as promising as i would have liked it to be. However, what i will do is those old oxwall customers that have old oxwall plugins that they need to use on my software, (meaning that it is not a replica of a feature i already have). I will adapt their old plugin for free in my spare time. And i literally mean in my spare time. If you want it faster then there will be a small fee.

Question: What do you mean by Closed Source?

Answer: That means that the source code will not be readable to the end user. In simple terms you will not be able to edit the core files. We chose closed source for its security advantages.

Question: Will you support all current social media data?

Answer: This is a great question and one we have been thinking about every day. Our focus is to remain nuetral to what is happening in the current social media and political scene. Those that turn political or limit the free speech of others we will most likely not support.

Question: Will i be able to customize the look of my website using your software?

Answer: Yes, none of the theme files will be closed source. Meaning if you want to make your own theme you can do so easily by making a copy of one of the themes (other than blue) and then just changing the colors in that file. The blue theme has all the css code, the other theme files just have mostly color codes in them. Then add your theme name to the theme array.

Question: What is so special about your software compared to others, even the free one's?

Answer: The first thing is that you get what you pay for. This software is hand written from a blank page to a working page. No coding helpers, no automated click coding. Other than a few things which i had help on, i coded each and every line so i have a very personal relationship with each and every page of code. This means i had to think and reason through the process, i had to ask all the questions, what if this and that if that. The process helps achieve a better quality software and a more unique building process that overall makes for a better user experience. The features are current, and the coding is current. Also even being closed source SBC is very flexible and customizable. And best of all you wont need to purchase any plugins, it's all included. I am not out to get rich coding this software. If i can just help people achieve their goals or help them present an idea in fine fashion then most of my satisfaction comes from that feeling of helping others. Any fees that might exist are just for my time, thats all, no outrageous profit.