About Me:

Hello, my name is Dave and i am from East Texas USA. As the main developer of SocBoxCore i have a long history with developement, programming, online business, customer service as well as many years in the Military. I would personally love to put those skills to work for you to help you achieve your goals as i have achieved mine. No one can guarentee your success online no matter what product or service you choose to use. However, with some initial investment, the right tools, and alot of hard work you can exceed where others have failed.

I decided to develope SocBoxCore (SBC) which is short for Social Box Core because another open source project (that i did not own but was a volunteer for) decided to close its doors. I felt really bad for the clients of that project as the owner left them high and dry and without another option. The owner made a business decision to focus on other ventures and i understand that, but he did it in a very disrespectful way. His falure i believe had more to do with an unhappy team than it did with market need, failure starts at the top.

So i decided to build a social core from the ground up, from scratch. Scratch meaning from a blank page, hand coded with no code helpers and no memory sucking third party addons. I started right around August 2020 and i knew it would take me a long time to build it. I wanted to build something special. Something that was well done, user friendly, secure, and that had all the features someone might need to hit the ground running and increase their chance to be successful.

There are too many open source social projects on the market today that require you to purchase expensive modules or plugins in order to have a social site with basic needed features. Not to say we wont sell plugins, we will, but you will have so many core features to start with, that you can start your social site right away without purchasing any plugins. Also, many of the open source projects are not only poorly coded but being open source it exposes the code to hackers who can learn how to exploit the code by downloading open source project files and then finding any holes in the code.

I decided my product would be closed source to help protect me, you and your customers. It is also very well written, uses the miminum of javascript that we can possibly use to help avoid browser conflicts, and verifies input at several levels, all of which other scripts just don't take the time to do. When all said and done it will have taken me alittle over 3 years to code the initial version of this project. I am proud to stand beside it's performance. There will be some bugs expected as i can't possibly test every possible scenario and discover them all. Even with beta and alpha testers some little bugs commonly sneak through, but when a bug is found it will be fixed asap.

Now for those of you that cringe at the sight of the word "bug", please don't worry nothing will be catastrophic. It just means that there is some small repair needed to the code to display or process the data correctly. Sort of like polishing a car, everyone misses a spot now and then and it is the same with programming. However, we have and continue to rigorously test our software for any issues.

I welcome you to put SBC to the test for your social or community project. Wether you want to start a local group site or a worldwide social site, you can do it all with SocBoxCore.

About SBC SocBoxCore:

SocBoxCore (SBC) is a closed source social and community software project written in ® HTML5 , ® JS , ® CSS3 , and ® PHP . It also uses © FontAwsome Icons. SBC is a social script core, meaning that it's purpose is to be the foundation to which you can build a social website.

The base version has all the process that is needed to start a bare bones online social community, you will need to get hour own hosting but we do offer registar service for your domain name. The base features include activity home page, internal messaging, forum, blog, profile, video, gallery, chat, admin panel and more... There will be extra features available in the pro version.

Our core may look similar on the outside, but the inside is where the magic happens. One major difference between our social core and other social cores on the market is that we greatly reduce dependencies giving us a smaller footprint, and better performance. These dependencies clog up and slow down the processing of data in many ways. The benefit of adding these dependencies is often not for the user or admin, it's often for the programmer to enable them to push out the code faster.

Many times fast development leads to sloppy performance. There is something to be gained from hands on programming rather than just loading a ready made library from some website. Now of course not much can be done about libraries from ® js, © FontAwesome, or even ® Google (which requires composer), and some other popular loads. However, there is alot of over dependency on some packages in other software that to me just makes no sense at all. That is where we shine. The bottom line is, the less we have in the core, the less conflicts we have as a whole script, and the faster performance it has.

We also plan to send our software off to a professional security testing site to test it for any leaks that might exist before the final version is released.

September 1, 2023 - We are currently in developement with beta userside testing beginning October 1, 2023 and alpha testing for both userside and admin area beginning December 1, 2023. Then a tentative date of version 1 release of Jan 3, 2024. We will update this page should anything change.

Final Thoughts:

SocBoxCore's mission statement is this: "To provide a great product and service which takes second to none, to dedicate ourselves to the customers success, and to reward those that contribute to that end"

SBC Motto: "Core Is Everything!"

So in closing, if you're ready to begin your own online social site today, start it with SocBoxCore!


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