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I would like to take this time to send out my most sincere thanks to all of those volunteers "so far" who have helped me with this project. Regardless if it was emotional support, coding advice, suggestions, code development in a pinch, teaching new ways of performing tasks, using new tools of the trade, translating text languages, donating code, and a ton of other topics of help "so far" while the project is being developed.

To all of those listed below and those that are "not yet" listed here, THANK YOU SO MUCH ! There is no way that i could do this by myself in this amount of time, and still produce a product with some of the latest coding techniques and presentation practices without you. I am eternally grateful for everyones help. We have a long way to go but with continued assistance i see no reason that we can't meet the tentative target release date November 2023.

I wish i could do more to reward the following outstanding individuals and websites for their assistance, one day maybe i will be able to. :)

  • Patricia Zorrilla - translations
  • Ketil Ervik - translations
  • Stephan Krause - Coding assistance, suggestions, and advice.
  • Jason Knight (RIP my friend) - Coding assistance, suggestions, and advice.
  • Kevin Rubio - Coding assistance, suggestions, and advice.
  • Others coming soon...

Thank you again...